Amandine Review (Los Angeles)

No, this is not by any means a full review of what Amandine does. I can’t do that since I’ve never been there, but I can tell a lot about what they from the four or five dishes we ordered via delivery.

Here’s what I know.

They don’t know what bread to filling ratio is. As you can see in all of the pictures below (and above) there is way too much bread with far too little in between. This might not be an issue if the bread was better or even toasted, but that’s not the case.

This leads to overwhelming sense of blandness.

The egg salad had some nice, potent flavor but there weren’t many other high-notes when it comes to flavor in the meal. The salad dressing was far too caustic and the b├ęchamel fell flat, or was just lost in the bread.

So, remember how important it is when selecting bread for a sandwich. It can impact everything and throw off the balance of the dish in a major way.

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