Last Minute Holidays

Memorial Day Style.

I worked all day and when my wife picked me up from work in South Central, we drove through the hood and started salivating… as we smelled, and even felt, smoke in the air. It was magical.

We decided to forego our plan to eat leftovers at home, stop at the grocery, buy some burgers/dogs/buns and fire up the grill. It didn’t take much longer than a normal dinner and it was totally worth it.

What’s the point of this story? It’s a pretty straightforward one. You don’t need to stress and spend tons of time/money on holidays. You don’t need to call all of your friends and family to make into a huge event.

Just take it easy… it is a holiday after all.

(I’m not making any points or comments about this holiday in particular.)

Monster Assault Review

One time… and possibly only one time. I was never huge on energy drinks… until I started making brutal trips from NYC to State College, PA. After long days, I’d try to find some extra energy, but would often end up grabbing a Red Bull. Eventually, when I started going to Barbell Brigade, if I forgot a pre-workout, I’d grab a Green Monster. Then, as I started getting fat… I went for the Light Blue.

Well, I couldn’t help myself when I saw this in-your-face red labeled version called Assault. I mixed it with my homemade pre-workout powders and… I felt like I was going to die. Perfect!

Now, in terms of what to expect… imagine the regular Green Monster with some cheap fruit punch in it. That’s it… seriously. If you’re into that kind of thing… give this a shot.