Welcome to the Hangry Life!

A warm welcome to you! The picture above is a stock image, but I think it’s extremely peaceful and since there might not necessarily be a ton of that on this blog, I thought it’d be nice to create some balance.

As professional bloggers with multiple projects, we thought it’d be fun to use this as a source for some of our content that doesn’t make it to the bigger, more successful blogs and websites that need to maintain a certain standard of excellence.

Don’t dismiss this as some Jr. Varsity or B-Team effort, it’s just something a little different. You might get hear about some political, religious, or other controversial topics such as bad driving, but it could be a fun ride!

We’d love for you to be involved, leave comments, provide some energy, and share some of your hangriest experiences with us. If you’re not hangry, you’re in denial because calories are the solution for just about everything.


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