A Piece of Pizza

A piece of pizza on the street, waiting for someone to come and eat… it. A beautiful poem if I say so myself. It’s not entirely fiction as it is loosely adapted from a true story where we, while walking our dog at 5:45 am had to pull her away from two sad and cold pieces of cheese pizza laying on the ground.

I’m sure the three of us had the same thought; what cruel individual would ever do this? It’s one thing to waste food, considering the fact that there are people starving not only all over the world, but also within this very nation. It’s an entirely different issue when the food being wasted is something as lovable as pizza.

In the second most populated city in the country where there are estimated to be over 80,000 homeless sleeping on the streets, could you really fail to find someone willing to take it? I find that hard to believe. Maybe you needed to try a little harder. Maybe this is a summary of how you’ve lived your life. Maybe the title of your biography will be “Yup, I’m that Guy” or something equally self-deprecating.

Or perhaps, it wasn’t your intention or effort that caused these two slices to find their way to the poorly paved concrete walkway that we think of as a safe haven. Perhaps your intention was to devour both of the slices at once, stacking one on top of the other in the effort of making a pizza sandwich. Perhaps you, accidentally in your drunken stupor dropped these pieces on the ground by total accident. If this is the case, I only have one other question for you. Have you ever heard of the five second rule?

Stay vigilant, my friends.



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