The Best Vegetable Ever?

We could talk about my love for olives, capers, anchovies, and the long list of other foods that are heavily underappreciated in many cultures, especially here in the US. Mushrooms, however, are on a whole different level.

They’re the meat of the vegetarian kingdom and who doesn’t love meat? Vegetarians and vegans, of course, so they love mushrooms instead. There are big mushrooms and small mushrooms, light mushrooms and dark mushrooms; there are definitely enough mushrooms for Dr. Seuss to write a book about them.

They’re on the healthy side and they also take flavor so well. Curries, white wine, garlic… you name it and it will taste good with mushrooms. Ice cream? Sure, why not, we’ll see it on Chopped one day. And they cook down so well into the most pleasing texture possible.

While we’d love to call them the best vegetable, technically they’re a specific kind of fungus. Still, because we’re so rebellious, we’re going to call mushrooms the best vegetable. Don’t worry fruit lovers, I won’t even joke about going there. Tell us your thoughts about mushrooms!


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