Trader Joes is the WORST!

I don’t get it, seriously. You see all these videos and read all these articles about how expiration dates are nothing close to being accurate because companies are forced to put an earlier date for federal regulations, and then this happens. What is this? Trader Joe’s products “go bad” long before the best before date listed on the product.

Best before… yes, that’s very vague and I’m sure they could argue it was definitely best before that date. I’ll tell you what though, on November 13th, this milk wasn’t good. It wasn’t pleasant. It was sour and I can’t understand why. It was sitting in a brand new, expensive, and cold refrigerator for its whole life… at least in its new home.

The thing is, this has happened so many times with TJ’s food in the past and while some people give me the old, “it’s a good thing because they don’t use preservatives” I know better than that because they do have preservatives and plenty of them! So again, why does this happen so often?

Cheese gets mold far in advance, jarred marinara sauce under the lid, milk spoils, frozen products... the list goes on and it’s been in different places with different fridges and freezers. If the milk goes bad in three days, that’s fine! Just let me know when it’s actually going to be less enjoyable to consume. Then, I can chug accordingly.


One thought on “Trader Joes is the WORST!

  1. I read somewhere that Trader Joe’s doesn’t allow outside, non biased sources to certify their organic goods. Trader Joe’s certifies whether or not the food they sell is organic. Bc of the stringent standards for organic labeling, I find this highly suspect and don’t trust tracer joes for that reason.

    Also their food goes bad super fast. Also their packaging sucks. I don’t want 8 cucumbers, I want 1 but it’s all packaged and I can’t buy just one.

    Long story short. Trader Joe’s and I do not get along.


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