Does anyone still play Pokemon Go?

Seriously. I played for five weeks and then didn’t for three months. You can look below at a screenshot of my journal from the game where there was a… serious gap. It’s almost as if they couldn’t even anticipate just how hot the game would be and as a result, they couldn’t keep up with the demand. Supply and demand.

Well, it’s November and Pokemon fans have been waiting for this day for a long time because it’s the release of Moon and Sun. I already have my copy of Pokemon Moon so it’s time to put some serious hours in and make some new friends in a new and fun region of the Pokemon world.

This was inevitable. My original thought was that their goal was to hype up interest for this release, but the hype train stopped a few stations short and as a result, I can’t see the sales numbers of this game being THAT much higher because of Pokemon Go. If only they released Go a few months later… what would have happened then?

With that being said, Pokemon Go was immensely successful and helped the franchise experience major growth at a time where the original Pokemon boomers (does that make sense?) are now having their own children (not us yet) so it was still extremely well timed.

Either way, Pokemon Go was deleted from my phone and I really just want to know, does anyone still play Pokemon Go? Also, are you getting Moon or Sun? I was a Blue and Silver person from the start, so I always favor the darker and colder themes. Black. You get the idea. Get it.




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