The Best Exercise Ever.

I know it’s a bold statement. Some people would definitely have something to say about it. The CrossFit community, the weightlifting community, the powerlifting community… just about any sport would defend their key exercises. Hiking, however, really is something else entirely and I’m not the one making the claim that it is the best exercise ever.

I grew up practicing martial arts and there were few men I respected more than Grand Master Kim. As a native of South Korea and an individual who trained the Korean Army in hand-to-hand combat for the Korean War, Master Kim is the physical embodiment of Taekwondo. Still, even he says that TKD is the second best form of exercise.

Why? Because hiking is the best form of exercise, of course. It’s hard to clearly understand all of his explanations, but the idea is that the connection to nature creates the perfect environment for you to feed off of the energy of the earth. Also, it’s obviously a great full body workout and can easily be relatively low impact.

So, with today being National Take a Hike Day (or something along those lines) try to either go out for a hike or plan one. Hiking is so versatile and can really be done anywhere. Hiking can be a glorified walk with whatever pace you choose. I prefer steep and challenging hikes up with an easy way down or just long steady grades.

Either way, get out there and enjoy nature. Hiking can be peaceful and relaxing by yourself and with a four-legged friend or it can be a fun social time with others. Let us know what you think about hiking, but don’t disagree with Master Kim or he’ll kick you through the ceiling!


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