Casting Call for Dog Lovers

We might not normally post something along these lines, but we wanted to give any of our followers a cool opportunity to maximize a possible dog adoption effort that they have in mind.

The letter below is from a casting agent, so we can’t take any credit for it, but please feel free to take advantage of this!

Hello Dog Lovers!!

If you or anyone you know (in Southern California) are planning to adopt a dog in the next few months … LET US HELP with our expert and a second season TV show called FINDING FIDO!

The show is hosted by the award winning dog photographer and now dog expert, Seth Casteel (, who’s book “Underwater Dogs” is a New York Best Seller!  (yes, you will get a photo shoot with your new dog afterwards!!)

Since 2007 Seth has helped thousands of dogs get adopted by capturing their personalities in photographs and through this work he has honed the skills to perfectly match people and their environments with the perfect dog!

We are looking for families, singles and couples who are ready to adopt a new dog in order to follow their journey and help pair them with the perfect pet! This is an incredibly heartfelt and emotional show that is helping dogs and people fall in love and place rescue and shelter dogs in forever homes!

I have included our fliers below in hopes that you can share them to your FB and your friends, if you yourself aren’t currently seeking FIDO.


Please reply here or to email on flier with your name / contact info /  why you are ready to adopt this summer!

Thank you so much and all the best!


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