50 Shades of Food Reviews

First of all, I apologize for the title. I don’t know why I thought it was a good idea, but I need to take responsibility for my actions… so it’s not going anywhere! But, to bring a little more clarity, this is more like 3-5 shades of food reviews.

You might know us as the team who brought you the Hungry & Fit blog, which covers food, fitness, and trying to create a healthy lifestyle for different kinds of folks. You might not. Either way, think of this blog as the bastard child of our first child.

What’s that mean? Well, to get to the point, it means that we have written over 500 or so restaurant reviews, if you’d call them that. The thing is… they’re shared over different platforms. Why? Because they’re all meant to serve a different purpose, and not, to get us more views… although we never mind that consequence.

If you see us post something about food on Instagram, we probably loved it, but if you read the caption you’ll know for sure.. If you see us post something about food on Twitter, we probably hated it and want to shame whoever made it. (Okay, maybe that’s extreme.) Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc. are all NOT a part of our little food network.

The Hungry & Fit blog is where we publish our legitimate restaurant reviews. They typically have pictures. They’re in-depth. They’re intelligently written from the point of view of a critic, even though we’re not professionals. When we review a restaurant, we order differently. We’ll generally choose one dish and let the server choose the other. We’ll do that for appetizers, entrees, and dessert. We’ll get their signature drinks as well. We will give them a fair and fighting chance to show us what they can do.

The Hangry Life blog is a vehicle we use (and plan to use more) to well… be hangry, kind of… sort of. (Who gets that Worst Cooks in America reference?) I wouldn’t say we use it for rants, but we post our more critical reviews here. In fact, I wouldn’t even call them reviews. We basically highlight a more significant theme in food that we experience and try to… educate people with it. We also use it to try to get a message across to help a restaurant or eatery that might need some help, whether they want it or not.

The Yelp account has nearly 500 reviews and this platform is used to help peopleĀ using Yelp to find the right place to eat when they’re traveling or curious. We don’t write anything long or emotional on it. We, more or less, use a template in order to address certain issues that might attract or defer possible customers, based on our experience and observations.

And with that, hopefully, you have a better idea about what to expect. Why is this relevant? Because I’m about to write a review about Amandine Patisserie in the Santa Monica/West LA area. I always debate which platform is the correct choice for each review and this one will as all others go on Yelp, but it will also go on here because they have a major flaw in their execution of something they do a lot!

Stay hangry!


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