Are Probiotics Worth It?

Is anything really worth it? I think it’s pretty obvious that our capitalist and consumer based society makes it seem as though we need everything to improve our life. Isn’t that the reason I’m writing and managing this blog?

I’ve probably spent thousands of dollars on vitamins, minerals and supplements over the years, but I can’t really credit anything to their use. My body is in pieces, both internally and externally, so they haven’t been able to help me reach a higher level of performance, or even maintain the highest level that I reached.

I can confidently say that I reached that level without any of those things, but here I am, still trying to find the fountain of youth. My newest doctor, that I went to once and then left for good, had an interesting idea. She was heavily influenced by Eastern medicine and thought that probiotics would solve all of my problems.

She thought that taking probiotics would slowly impact every system that isn’t working properly. They aren’t that expensive, so I had to give it a shot. I went with a brand that is more popular on Amazon and in Costco.

I didn’t see any results and when the bottle ran out, I thought… hmm, maybe I need to do it for longer before seeing results. But I was basically fed up with the thought of shelling out more money, taking more pills, and in a month, not seeing any results at all.

She was probably full of it and while probiotics are good for you, how much you need, the quality of the company making them, etc, are all factors that are harder to manage than just taking a pill.



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