Froyo Thieves

The absolute worst of the worst. This kind of behavior is representative of an awful person. I’m talking about the people that are capable of affording to buy the yogurt, who put on an act like they’re going to make a purchase and then end up eating as much as I paid for without spending a dime.

Like the guy in this picture for example, who is making the University of Michigan’s Center for Entrepreneurship look great right now. I guess they taught him that if you want to be successful, you have to take what you want. Well, he did. Technically, it’s not stealing since Yogurtland allowed it, but he’s also a complete waste of space.

This is the kind of person who would discover the cure for cancer and not release it to the public so that the can continue to buy stupid pants and shoes that nobody cares about, except for him.

What’s even worse? He used 5 sample cups (that I saw) and got massive heaps of Plain Tart yogurt every single time. It was painfully obvious from the beginning that this guy is a total freeloader. Now, I don’t know this guy personally but this kind of behavior isn’t acceptable for anyone, so I hope you get the message, because you lose all credibility (period) when you do something like this.

(I paid my $5 for the yogurt below…)



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